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Wack-o-Magic Presents: TALLER OR SMALLER – A Bullying Prevention Fable

There is no topic with more urgency to parents, teachers, and kids than the bullying epidemic. In providing solid present-day information, you’re also maximizing lucrative bookings!

Every component has been redesigned in a contemporary style audiences will identify with, yet has a timeless quality that will be relevant for years to come. Showcasing vibrant colors and detailed figures handdrawn by renowned Hollywood Concept Artist, Jarrett Fajardo, who also designs for many of the top Pop Stars including Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Katy Perry as well as being one of the concept artists for The Masked Singer!

This presentation by Wack-O-Magic regular Walt Anthony has been revised and approved by Stan Davis, the country’s most in-demand, cutting-edge, bullying prevention author and speaker.

Wack-O-Magic always strives to improve on the Classics. The transition from small to tall is finally smooth and surefire with laser placed magnets.

The Small Boy is picked on by the Large Boy so he runs into the Schoolhouse to hide. Supported by all the other students (played by your audience!) he grows in confidence. The bigger boy also runs into the school, only to be reduced to normal size by the realization that bigger is not better - but being included is!

This is sturdily constructed in wood (Not plastic and I've corrected a back heavy design flaw from the first batch I made!) “packs small and plays big” outfit designed for the working performer. Like many of Wack-0 Innovative Magic’s pieces, it is of exceptional quality, handmade in small numbers so you’ll be proud to display it as an outstanding collectable - likely to gain in value over time.



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