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Wack-o-Magic Presents: THE VERSATILE MAGIC BOWLING PIN! Only 15 In Stock!

Toss out your old Vanishing Catsup Bottle! The Rubber Bowling Pin will provide bigger impact, bigger laughs, because this is a huge REGULATION size Bowling Pin. You’ll crumple up your paper bag and toss it backstage to audience ooohs & ahhhs!

Do you produce a Bowling BALL from a briefcase or sketch pad? Add a stunning punch-line finish by producing one -or a pair- of our stage-size Rubber Bowling Pins.

Perform an Appearing Wine Bottle from Silks? Now you can produce this amazingly realistic Rubber Bowling Pin. It’s a Final Load item too!

The Rubber Bowling Pin is made of vinyl, the printing bound directly to the pin - It's not a label!

These bowling pins are SMOOTH, SEAMLESS AND SHINY! Compare them to the quality of a Nielsen Bottle... as they are made from the same material.

They’re only $50 each. Plus Shipping

Want a PAIR or SET (10) of Rubber Bowling Pins? 
Call us and we'll make you a deal. 818-434-7762




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