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Wack-o-Magic Presents: BANDS OF TRUST

“Bands of Trust” is a variation on The Linking Finger Rings with a new presentation and simplified handling by Walt Anthony.

The concept is familiar to most magicians - Three finger rings are borrowed from audience members and linked into a chain right before their very eyes. The borrowed rings are then unlinked and returned to the people who lent them. This routine is designed to be memorable both for the routine - and the magician.

“Bands of Trust” is a thoughtful, theatrical presentation, that allows you to build genuine rapport with your audience and allow them to experience the pure magic happening to their rings and to the people around them.

This new approach features clean and easy handling that is easy to perform smoothly. All too often, the powerful magic inherent in The Linking Finger Rings is diminished and trivialized with flippant humor or jokes. Too many magicians have performed it the same way, with the same borrowed lines for decades. (“There’s a place for a stone and everything!”)

This presentation is warm and heartfelt, introducing a familiar theme of “trust and bonding” that your audiences will identify with.

A comprehensive ten-page manuscript covers the handling and presentation in detail, allowing you to perform it as presented, or bring your original thoughts and ideas to the routine. A Himber Style Ring is not provided as you are free to use the one you have.. or even use a simple split ring!

Walt Anthony is a successful director, performance coach, entertainer, and author of the best-selling “Tales of Enchantment.” Walt provides script writing and editing services, he coaches performers and directs entire magic and theatrical productions. Walt is proud to have an exclusive agreement with Wack-O Innovative Magic, creating new and entertaining presentations for the classics of magic.

Printed Manuscript Only $18.95 (includes Stage and Television Performance Rights)



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